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I served as Penwizard’s only visual designer for over a year. As part of a small and fairly new business, my role included everything from brand development to marketing design to improving UI and UX on Penwizard's website.

When I joined the team, we had no brand to speak of aside from a logo and one shade of teal. I designed Penwizard’s new identity to be professional enough for a startup trying to prove itself in a tough market, and yet informal, warm, and celebratory. This branding works seamlessly alongside the wide range of art styles of Penwizard’s media partners.


Creating a typography system to use across Penwizard’s website, packaging, and evergreen marketing
Creating a flexible color palette
Updating Penwizard’s website and web stores, social media presence, emails, and marketing design to align with new branding
Improving the website’s user interface by making it more mobile-friendly, compressing images, and creating clearer navigation
Creating improved and consistent product imagery

As the marketing designer, much of my work was developing campaigns for book launches and holiday sales. Our options were often limited by the strict brand guidelines of Penwizard’s brand partners, forcing me to get creative and get familiar with the rules laid down by LEGO, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, and more.


Concepting and copywriting support for marketing campaignsCreating social media graphics, banner ads, postcards, and other campaign collateral
Creating and updating seasonal website imagery
Designing, building, and scheduling email campaigns in Mailchimp