In addition to all things brand/visual design, I'm a big fan of exploring new creative ideas through video and/or illustration. Here are some examples of what I've drawn, keyframed, and everything in between.

As a tablet illustration exercise, I created a short video promoting Western Washington University’s sculpture collection. More than two dozen works by reknowned artists sprawl across campus, though their mostly minimal forms and muted colors mean they almost fade into the built environment. In fact, many of the sculptures are regularly sat on, walked across, climbed up, and swung from. Riffing on these themes, I reimagined the artworks as a sort of playground made from bright, blocky colors and forms, highlighting some of my favorites from my own time at WWU.

Digital article user interface demo for an article about contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama. Designed for a fictionalized BOMB Magazine website.

Animations & illustrations from a personal video project, retelling a friend’s anecdote of an impromptu concert on the Berlin U-Bahn

Sample data visualizations for a project pitch about sustainability and the cosmetics industry

Partial illustrated kit of parts for Penwizard holiday campaign

Book cover design concept for the self-help phenomenon How the World Sees You by Sally Hogshead
📍 Philadelphia, USA