City of Tomorrow (fall 2020) showcased the collection and celebrated the life of Virginia Wright, a visionary mid-century Seattle art collector. I took inspiration from the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, artifacts from which were displayed in the exhibition, to create this space-age identity and campaign.


Brainstorming, concepting, and development of the exhibition title lockup and color palette
Designing and overseeing the install of vinyl wall graphics and text within the exhibition

One of my central responsibilities at SAM was the member newsletter, SAM Magazine. Three times a year, I worked closely with a project manager to plan and create this direct mail piece from start to finish. Space in the magazine was always at a premium, making every issue a new puzzle to solve. Content ranged from high-res art images to event calendars to COVID-19 visitor protocols.


Setting and upholding standards for page grids, type styles, and flow of content throughout the magazine
Designing all page layouts
Designing covers
Selecting and editing photos
Providing editorial support such as proofreading and content selection
Reviewing proofs for production

After a three-year renovation, the Seattle Asian Art Museum opened its doors in February 2020. A bold campaign was needed to encourage visitors to return and reacquaint themselves with the historic building in the middle of a rainy Seattle winter. I created a series of ads combining imagery of the redesigned building with a wide range of ancient and contemporary works on display.

Branding concept for Our Blue Planet: Global Visions of Water

Branding concepts for The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China

Branding concepts for the Summer at SAM 2020 program series
📍 Philadelphia, USA